The Solar Turbine Project - Well-Priced Sustainable Energy for Generations

The Solar Turbine Project - What is It?
It's the best use of nature that's what it is!
Forward-thinking is essential for a progressive and well-prepared society. We are committed to locally developing a well-priced, sustainable alternative technology with our Solar Turbine Units. Solar & wind energy are both "renewable resources" that are freely given to us by Mother Nature, so the environmental relief they provide by having a smaller carbon footprint is both fabulous & Earth-friendly. 
We pride ourselves on having the adroit ability to collaborate. (See our Blog post titled: "Progression through Collaboration" for more details). So while many of our project followers have asked for more details about the STU - there is no need to worry! We will tell you all the juicy details as soon as we possibly can because we want to collaborate, educate, share and help move sustainable energy options forward.
Meanwhile, here's what we can tell you so far: 
  • The elegant design, pressure-staged wind turbines & structural simplicity of the Solar Turbine Unit (STU) makes for an relatively inexpensive, sustainable solar-wind solution. 
  • Our STPs Design and R&D Team are committed to creating a cost-effective solution for the World's growing energy needs. 

By reducing the carbon footprint placed on the Earth by conventional energy sources, this Eco-friendly, sustainable energy source holds great promise and potential.

PROJECT NOTE: The Solar Turbine Project collects funding through MicroGrants from our supporters. This generously subsidized R&D enables our design team to reach our goal of providing a well-designed, robust mid-priced solar power solution to Domestic & International populations who are in need.
Join us today in the research & development phase of this Sustainable Energies project - follow us on Facebook at
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